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For 65 years, we have been inspired by the generosity and commitment of people and organizations who love their community. It is our honor to work with all our partners in creating communities where all people have the opportunity to flourish. We are built to be here for good for our region and our new strategic plan helps us fulfill this promise to the communities and people we serve. 

The following goals of our strategic plan provide a roadmap for our Foundation and flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of our region. The plan also solidifies our commitment to advancing racial equity by building it into the DNA of our organization.  

It’s a big task filled with big ideas, but we’re confident, with your partnership and support, our new strategy will drive our mission forward and create stronger, more equitable communities.

Our Strategic Plan Goals

Community Leadership

We will be an active listener, partner, and advocate serving as a convener and leader in building a stronger community by amplifying its diverse voices.  

Transformational Grantmaking

We will be a transparent, trust-based funder that utilizes grantmaking to support our core initiatives and make large scale impacts on issues that matter to our communities. 

Growing Assets for Impact

We will increase our community impact by growing and preserving charitable assets in traditional and innovative ways that help donors achieve their goals and create responsive, proactive funding.

Strengthening Organizational Capacity

We will demonstrate continuous learning and organizational development to strengthen our systems and culture and inspire our community through our mission and vision. 

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