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2024 Scholarship Process Opens on January 10, 2024

Community Foundation scholarships are offered annually for high school seniors and college students, as well as adults. Scholarships are for students who will be attending a college, university, trade school, or community college this fall. Most scholarships are for one year, but some are 2-year, some 4-year, and some are renewable. Each scholarship may have its own eligibility requirements, but there is only one common application to complete. 

Complete details about the 2024 Scholarship Process will be posted on January 10, 2024. Click here to sign up for text reminders about our scholarship process. Once open, the deadline to apply will be March 6, 2024.

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Scholarship Resources

Use the resources below to help prepare for the upcoming scholarship process. These are resources for students and those sharing information with students.  

2024 Scholarships Info Flyer  Application Writing Tips

Things to know before the application opens

What scholarships are available?
The Community Foundation offers many scholarship opportunities. Some are for students needing additional financial support, and some are for recognizing achievements, while others are to encourage the pursuit of certain majors. There are even some scholarships for college students and adults. Our common application gives you the opportunity to apply for scholarships through many of our funds. These scholarships all share the common application. (For more details about those funds, click here.) The Community Foundation also administers a number of scholarships that have an application process that is “external” to us (e.g., applications are handled by schools or community groups, not CFNEIA). For a list of those funds and how to apply to them, click here.

How do I know if I'm eligible for any of these?
A quick way to determine if you’re eligible for any scholarships is to review the Eligibility Checklist. The 2024 application process checklist will be posted on our website starting January 10 and will help you determine if there’s a scholarship match for you. Click here to see the 2023 Eligibility Checklist. 

Aren't scholarships only for smart students or low-income families?
No. While many of the Community Foundation’s scholarships are for high-achieving students or those experiencing financial need, nearly 50% are merit-based, which recognizes students’ achievements, including academic, extra-curricular, and community service. In addition, there are scholarships that are designed to support certain academic pursuits, including nursing, engineering, and education. And some scholarships give preference to certain demographics, including Native American, African American, and women. Review the Eligibility Checklist on our website when the application opens to see if there’s a scholarship for you.

Find More Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ section for more information about our scholarships and the application process. If you need additional information, you may also contact Amy Wiles, Director of Scholarship Impact, by email or at 319-243-1359.