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The Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association is a leader in nonprofit collaboration in the Cedar Valley. CVNA is designed to include a broad range of nonprofit organizations focused in education, elder care, human services, youth services, environment, health, arts, culture, and beyond.

Through CVNA programming, nonprofits are engaged in grantwriting workshops, learning about social media strategies, discovering data mapping tools, discussing advocacy with local legislators at forums and much more. In addition, the association helps agencies with valuable networking opportunities, marketing for events and job postings, and other educational resources.

In 2012, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa worked closely with leaders of Allen Health System, McElroy Trust, Cedar Valley United Way, and the University of Northern Iowa’s Nonprofit Leadership Alliance to help establish this association which strengthens and grows nonprofit agencies in our region. Providing grants to these nonprofits is certainly a way to support their missions, but the Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association supports the institutional backbone of the agencies. CFNEIA continues its role as a lead investor in and collaborator with CVNA.

If you are a nonprofit, go to the CVNA website to join this collaborative group. Businesses are also invited to support the nonprofit network by becoming a partner or investor in CVNA. Visit for more information.