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Your Giving Becomes Easy

Charitable giving through the Community Foundation is done under the Foundation's federal tax identification, so there are no tax returns for you to file, no excise taxes to be paid, no minimum payout requirement, and no up-front legal fees. It is a seamless means of outsourcing your corporate giving program.

Your Philanthropy Becomes Cost-Effective and Efficient

Charitable giving through the Community Foundation is based on a standard agreement between you and the Foundation. There is no fee to create a fund and a very low cost to administer the fund. We provide tax receipts for all contributions and many years of experience accepting all types of assets including cash, stock and real estate.

Your Charitable Giving Becomes More Organized

Your business will receive regular reports showing the charities you are supporting and the amounts given. The fund can insulate the business from the deluge of requests for contributions and acts as a buffer for on-the-spot solicitations.

Simple Solutions for Corporations

Corporate Advised Fund

This is an attractive alternative that offers immediate tax benefits to your company and allows you to support you or your employees' charities of choice.

Grantmaking Program

Grantmaking is a more robust charitable giving option that allows you to fund local programs or projects through a community grant application process. We offer a range of service to ensure that your grant dollars create impact in your community.

Scholarship Program

Investing in your employee’s and their family may be important to your business. The Community Foundation can manage a scholarship program that benefits your employee’s children pursuing a college degree.

Contact our team at or 319-287-9106 for more information and assistance in helping your company meet it's charitable goals.