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Community Pride in Action

Ackley Community Foundation
July 14, 2016

Doug Lindaman’s passion for Ackley resides close to the surface. He is quick to praise the community he grew up in and talk about the benefits of the Ackley Community Foundation, of which he is serving as chair. His wife, Rosie, readily admits she is a behind the scenes person, but after a career in the local school district, she is his equal in her desire to give back.

The couple started the Doug and Rosie Lindaman Family Fund because of their love for Ackley and their belief that the Ackley Community Foundation will make a significant impact.

“It’s really a matter of us wanting to contribute to the community as well as hopefully setting an example for people,” said Doug.

The couple sees the amazing benefits as well as the struggles of Ackley and other rural communities, and the fund is something they see as part of a long-term solution and benefit.

“There are challenges in every small community. Rural Iowa is changing all the time and there are lots of great nonprofits, mostly volunteer driven. To help them succeed would be a legacy we’d be happy to leave.” 

The pair prefers to downplay their legacy, opting to talk about the legacy of good left to them by their parents, specifically their mothers, who instilled using education as a way to not only help yourself, but others. It is the primary reason why they started the fund for the community they love.

“It’s just an opportunity to give back to the community to make it better, not just for us, but for generations to come. You just like to leave the community in a better place than when you came.”