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The Gift is in the Giving

July 7, 2020

Nick and Lea Andersen started kindergarten together in Goldfield, Iowa, and after 58 years of marriage, they are still together. “I think forever is a good thing,” said Nick about their lifelong love.

Now the couple is carrying out another forever commitment, this one to their community through the establishment of the Nicklos and Leandra Andersen Family Fund. 

Like many Iowans, the couple has spent their life working in the agriculture industry, mostly across Eastern Iowa. Nick and Lea now call Clear Lake home, and when they sold part of their business, they created the donor advised fund with the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation, an affiliate of CFNEIA. 

“When we sold our business, there were tax consequences, and by investing in the Community Foundation, we were able to lower our tax expense and increase our charitable giving. It was a beautiful thing to be able to do,” Nick shared.

The Andersens also chose the Community Foundation to help make their giving easier. “When we lived in Cedar Falls, we were aware of the Foundation and were always impressed, but we were young in our careers,” said Nick. “Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out what to do and how to do it. By putting our money in the Foundation, they manage all those funds, and when it comes to distributing gifts, they make it easy. It’s also nice because the Community Foundation knows where the needs are so they can help direct us when we have questions.”

As lifelong Iowans, Nick and Lea want to make sure they give back to the state that supported them. “We made our money in Iowa, and we want to make sure it comes back to Iowa,” expressed Nick. “If we can give back to the community, not only during our lifetime but as a legacy, that gives us a lot of satisfaction.”   

The couple doesn’t think of legacy in terms of personal accolades but what it means for their community. Nick and Lea decided to extend their generosity through an estate gift as members of CFNEIA’s Legacy Society. 

“I think it’s exciting we could be charitable in our life, and after we’ve passed. That money is always going to stay in the Foundation and always grow,” said Nick. “Our family can continue to direct to charities in the community, or, if our family prefers, the Community Foundation will continue to enhance the community.”