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Bremer County Community Foundation and Waverly Community Fund Join Forces

Bremer County Community Foundation
November 25, 2019

The Bremer County Community Foundation and Waverly Community Fund have been working together since 2005 to create a stronger county through grantmaking, including grants to great Waverly projects. As the Bremer County Community Foundation and Waverly Community Fund strive to do even more, a “better together” approach has recently been established. Starting immediately, the Waverly Community Fund and Bremer County Community Foundation governing committees are now one governing committee.

Better Together

For many years, the Waverly Community Fund has been a fund of the Bremer County Community Foundation. However, the two committees have made decisions about grants separately. Now, to make more informed decisions with a big picture view, and to best utilize volunteer resources, the two committees will combine to make grant decisions, both those impacting Bremer County and Waverly. This will not change the way Waverly Community Fund dollars are utilized. Grant dollars generated from this fund will still be granted to projects serving the residents of Waverly. To ensure an effective transition, some Waverly Community Fund committee members will be joining the Bremer County Community Foundation governing committee. Combining forces of these two committees brings new voices to grant discussions and helps everyone see the big picture impact projects have on all communities in Bremer County.

Will This Impact Established Funds?

No, this change will not affect any funds established under the Waverly Community Fund. All funds will continue to be administered to meet donor intent, which will be followed forever. Grantmaking from individual funds will still be handled by the fundholder in the same way as past grant recommendations.

Does This Impact the Grant Process?

Again, the answer is no. The grant application process has been a combined process for several years. Nonprofits and government agencies applying for grants will still use the same application process. In fact, this change makes the process easier by not asking the grant applicant to determine separate ask amounts for the Bremer County Community Foundation and the Waverly Community Fund. Readlyn specific projects will still be able to request grants from the Readlyn Community Fund.

Thank you so much for making Bremer County, Waverly, and all our communities great places to live, work, and play. If you have any questions, regarding this change, please contact Niki Litzel, Director of Development with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, at 319-243-1352.

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