Help in Pursuing a Dream

Now more than ever, a college education is crucial to success in life. Yet, with rising tuition costs, many people don’t have the resources required to earn one.

With more than 270 scholarships totaling nearly $380,000 awarded in 2015, CFNEIA offers critical help to students. With awards ranging from $250 to $60,000, our scholarships help countless young people, and adults returning to college, overcome the obstacles that stand between them and education that can lead to a brighter future.

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Available Scholarships

Our scholarship funds were established by generous individuals, families, businesses and organizations to ensure that students have the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.

Most scholarships are for one year, but a number are four-year or renewable scholarships are available. Each scholarship may have its own eligibility requirements, criteria and application questions. Before applying, carefully review the information provided to make sure the scholarship is an appropriate one for you.

Scholarship Opportunities