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Due to the generosity of our donors, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa awards over 200 scholarships to students, totaling over $200,000. Most of the scholarship funds have been established as endowments, which will benefit students long after the donor's lifetime.

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Award Amounts

Scholarship awards vary in size from $250 to $10,000.

Types of Scholarships

  • Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including, but not limited to:
  • Academic excellence
  • Financial need
  • For pursuing certain careers or majors (including things like music, nursing, finance, athletics, and journalism)
  • Past experiences (community service, student government, overcoming obstacles, etc.)
  • Other (including having attended specific schools, for certain minorities, etc.)

Community Foundation scholarships are offered annually for high school and college students, as well as adults returning to college.  Most scholarships are for one year, but a number are 4-year or renewable scholarships. Each scholarship may have its own eligibility requirements, criteria and application questions. 

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To see if you are eligible for a scholarship, complete this quick Scholarship Eligibility Checklist. This checklist will help you determine if it is worth your time to complete the "common application." 

Applying for a Scholarship

The 2015 scholarship application process is now closed. Please check back in January 2016 for the next application cycle.

When applying, applicants need to complete the “common application,” which automatically matches them to scholarships for which they are eligible. The common application requires the following:

  • A transcript of your academic record.
  • An essay that addresses the following:
    • What are your post-secondary educational goals and how do you hope to achieve them while attending college?
    • What are your long-term or career goals/plans, how do you intend to achieve them, and why did you choose these goals/plans?
    • What personal characteristics or experiences qualify you to receive a scholarship?
  • A letter of recommendation emphasizing leadership qualities. A letter from a teacher, principal, counselor, church leader, community leader, or employer will be considered.
  • Some scholarships require additional information, which will be submitted along with your common application.

Time Line

Most scholarship decisions are first announced in May with additional announcements being made by mail in June.  Scholarships are paid directly to the post-secondary institution in the fall.

Find Out More

For more information about our scholarships and the application process, please email Tom Wickersham, Program Director.