Women in Philanthropy engage in their community

August 25, 2017

Maureen Oates, a member and leader of CFNEIA's Women in Philanthropy, loves a good story. It's one of the reasons she enjoys reading applications for Women'sFund grants, connects with guest speakers who share their personal stories, and relishes the comradery she feels when gathering with like-minded women working to lift up women and girls in Black Hawk County through philanthropy.

“The stories shared by nonprofits in their applications are telling a story of need for services for women and girls in the CedarValley,” said Maureen. “It is rewarding tobe part of a caring group responding in away that makes a difference in their lives."

Since its formation in 1999, Women in Philanthropy, through the Women’s Fund, has granted over $82,000 to nonprofit projects impacting Black Hawk County women and girls.

A unique benefit of membership is the time the group spends learning about the projects they are supporting. Eachyear, members visit and volunteer witha nonprofit to see the work through thatorganization's lens. Currently, Women in Philanthropy has 75 active members and meets quarterly for lunch and to learn from a guest speaker involved in addressing issues facing women and girls.Speakers share stories of people they serve who have been directly impacted by programs in the county.

“Through sharing stories, we realize how other people could benefit from support and I benefit by having an outlet for sharing my gifts. That’s rewarding andmotivating to me to continue with this work,” said Maureen.