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Affiliate Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Jans

July 8, 2022

Image titleName: Nick Jans
Affiliate: Grundy County Community Foundation
Committee member since: 2021

How did you hear about the Grundy County Community Foundation? What made you decide to volunteer with the Foundation?

"I heard about the Community Foundation through a neighbor and good friend of mine, he had served on the board for many years and spoke on the grant process, helping the community, etc. The main reason why I wanted to get involved is because the community has served me very, very well over the years growing up in Grundy Center, now living in Dike. I wanted to be able to provide that same benefit to other community members."

What are your biggest takeaways from volunteering?

"I would say a few of my biggest takeaways from volunteering are, it is super fruitful for yourself, there's a huge, huge need in the community, and the long-term benefit of volunteering, whether that be for the Community Foundation or another local board or club, is a tremendous benefit and there should be more of it done."

What would you say to individuals interested in volunteering with the Foundation?

"For individuals interested in volunteering with the Community Foundation, there's a bunch of different ways. We've got a Facebook page, we have a website, we promote once or twice a year through posters in local places like libraries and grocery stores, otherwise you can just approach one of the community members that you know is on the committee. We are always looking for good, active participants."

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, go to For more information about the Grundy County Community Foundation, visit