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Affiliate Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Boos

August 24, 2022

Donna Boos

Name: Donna Boos
Affiliate: Buchanan County Community Foundation
Committee member since: 2018 although currently serving as chair.

How did you hear about the Buchanan County Community Foundation? What made you decide to volunteer?

"I heard about it when I became employed with Operation Threshold in 2014. Operation Threshold had utilized grants through the Buchanan County Community Foundation. I had attended several workshops for the program I was managing so during the workshops and interacting with committee members, it really felt like an impactful committee and I really wanted to get involved."

What are the roles and responsibilities of an affiliate governing committee volunteer?

"Annually, we review grant applications we receive, sometimes we help with local scholarships, and we host award ceremonies. The other big thing we do is network and provide information to the community about what the Community Foundation does."

What characteristics would be good to have as a volunteer for the Foundation?

"Somebody that's going to be fully engaged, not afraid to ask questions, willing to learn, and they actively advocate for the Community Foundation and its importance for how it can be a great tool and resource for nonprofits in the community."

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, go to For more information about the Buchanan County Community Foundation, visit