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HusomeStrong Foundation founder finds passion through struggle

April 29, 2019

In September 2014, Steve Husome went out for a motorcycle ride with friends, not knowing his life would never be the same. A semi pulled in front of the group causing an accident that would cost Steve his right leg below the knee.

Knowing the physical and emotional toll of amputation and rehabilitation, Steve founded the HusomeStrong Foundation, a nonprofit organization to assist people who have experienced the loss of a limb and are seeking assistance to realize their full potential and live life to the fullest after amputation.

"HusomeStrong is an attitude, a strong belief you will get better, never allowing your mind to wander into that dark place where you want to just sit and feel sorry for yourself," said Steve. "This positive attitude is what got me through some of the darkest hours, the set-backs, the lonely days in rehabilitation and constant pain. Now my passion is helping others."

Steve knew he needed a partner to carry out his nonprofit's mission and turned to the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, establishing the HusomeStrong Foundation Endowment Fund.

“The HusomeStrong Foundation is a new charity, so teaming with CFNEIA is a perfect partnership allowing us to tap into their expertise and experience in helping charitable organizations in our community. This fund will help us accomplish our goal to leave a lasting legacy that will continue to serve the amputee community forever,” said Steve.

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