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Dreaming Big

July 6, 2018

Breanna Himschoot had dreamed of going to an Ivy League school like the University of Pennsylvania, but the Waterloo East High School graduate didn’t know if financially the dream would ever be achievable. Thanks to a generous financial aid package from the University, along with a four-year CFNEIA Opportunity Scholarship, Breanna has made her dream a reality.

“While Penn was great about covering essential things, having the additional financial aid allowed me to do even more. It gave me flexibility,” said Breanna. “Having a scholarship means the world, not just for paying for school but knowing someone is rooting for you. It helps a lot.”

Breanna faced struggles adjusting to the culture and class work, but even more difficult was being away from home. Breanna says she learned she was resilient and valued people, those on campus and those back in Iowa. Her resilience was truly tested when her father passed away from cancer during her junior year. Breanna honored his wishes and put her academics first during this time.

Another thing she learned at Penn was what she loved to do. Breanna is a submatriculate and will be graduating this spring with a Bachelors and Masters in English. This fall she will be coming home as a graduate student in the University of Iowa’s Masters of Library and Information Sciences.

“I want other East High graduates to know they should reach for their dreams and their aspirations are valid. There are people who have done it before you,” said Breanna.