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De Sales Child Care Working to Exceed Parent Expectations

Winneshiek County Community Foundation
December 1, 2016

Safety, reliability, and of course, quality, caring staff are key to parents’ seeking childcare. In rural Winneshiek County this combination resides nearby in Ossian. The Ossian De Sales Child Care fits these criteria, serving children from many Winneshiek County communities Monday through Friday.

“If there are school closings, we are still open. Parents do not have to worry about taking off early or going in to work late, it’s a simple phone call to us,” said Robin Timp, executive director. “It gives parents peace of mind when they go to work. Their child is cared for and looked after and safe. For our community, that is huge.”

Safety of the children is ensured by equipping their staff with quality training. Employees take mandatory child abuse, first aid and CPR training and are fingerprinted and background checked at both the state and federal levels.

The Child Care’s flexibility and qualified staff are just two of the many factors contributing to their high demand. However, to continue supporting their community in extraordinary ways, the center has needed to seek out assistance from other resources.

This past year, The Winneshiek County Community Foundation provided Ossian Child Care with funding for building improvements. Currently, the center is remolding a bathroom for easier accessibility for their children who use walkers, wheel chairs or have other physical needs. Without the funding from the Community Foundation, this project would not be possible.

“It’s pretty amazing to have a local funder available. It’s hard to put into words that we have somebody there, somebody who is there willing to help,” said Timp. “The funding is the only way we could get the project off the ground. It made it more possible – getting it from the dreaming state to an actual reality.”

The child care center serves children ranging from six-weeks to twelve years old. Year round, they provide an environment for the kids to feel safe, learn and grow while also taking advantage of all the community has to offer. Staff take the children on field trips, to the library summer reading program and on walks around the community which brightens up the day of those who pass by.

Support from the Community Foundation has been able to amplify the services provided by Ossian Child Care, allowing them to expand, grow, and support every child enrolled at their facility. In turn, Ossian Child Care creates a positive mark on their community at large.