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Lives of Service Lead to a Forever Gift for the Community They Love

March 28, 2022

If you visit Charles City and ask someone about Dean and Marcie Andrews, chances are they’ll have a story or are friends, and they’ll definitely know the couple who have spent over 40 years working to make the community a better place.

Dean and Marcie have been by each others’ side since high school in Council Bluffs, then to the University of Iowa, and then to Charles City in 1977, where Dean opened his dental practice. Marcie put her medical technology degree to use at various positions until her retirement in 2010.

The couple raised two daughters, Lesley and Kelly, in Charles City and have continuously strengthened the community they love through many volunteer roles and active participation in community groups. Dean has also provided community leadership, currently serving as the mayor of Charles City after 18 years as a city councilperson.

Not one to sit still for long, in 2011, Marcie took a position as the development associate with the Floyd County Community Foundation, an affiliate foundation of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, and today continues to serve as the administrative assistant. During her time with the FCCF, Marcie has been inspired by the gifts of others.

“I set up a number of endowment funds for other individuals, families, and organizations. It was a heartwarming career. I was able to see so much good being done,” Marcie said.

After seeing firsthand the impact others were having by conveying their generosity through the Foundation, the Andrews family decided setting up a permanent endowment fund was the right way for them to say thank you to their community. It is a decision the entire family is excited to be actively involved in, especially making grants that benefit their home.

“Both girls were very excited when we gave them the news that we had started an endowment fund,” said Marcie. “They love to return to Charles City for the friendly atmosphere, many activities that are always occurring, and the ease in getting anywhere in town.”

Since the establishment of the Dean and Marcie Andrews Family Endowment Fund, the family has made grants to nonprofits keeping Charles City and Floyd County vibrant and growing through the arts, health, and general community betterment. The family’s fund is another piece of a legacy of good that will impact Charles City for generations to come.