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Since 1956, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa has worked tirelessly to inspire people and connect resources to enrich our communities. This mission brings together the heart of generous people, vision of community partners, and leverage of local resources to make powerful impacts across our region. Through connections and collaboration, all of us are part of strengthening our communities and developing solutions for the greater good.

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The impacts we create are not possible without the incredible generosity of our fundholders and donors. It is our priviledge to connect these individuals, families, and businesses to the causes and communities they love. The vision of donors past and present has allowed us to grant over $90 million to nonprofits carrying out life-changing projects. Watch the videos below to hear directly from our fundholders why they chose to establish a fund for their communities with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

Kittrell Family Foundation Fund

"As I look at what my life’s work is about, community building is one of the things that I understood about myself. It was something I really wanted to have a long-term impact on. Having this kind of fund and having it partnered with a great institution like the Community Foundation gave us the ability to feel good about having that long-term impact."
Mark Kittrell, Fundholder

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Ross and Megan Hannam Family Fund

"Our hope is that by beginning our fund at a relatively young age, we will be able to grow it over time to be able to not only have an impact during our lives, but to have the ability to support the Cedar Valley long after we are gone." 
Ross and Megan Hannam, Fundhholders

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Nonprofits across our region are changing lives every day. We are honored to call all the organizations working for the greater good partners in our vision. Together we are working to create a vibrant region of thriving people. Watch the videos below to hear directly from our nonprofit partners and learn how our partnerships are changing lives.

Strengthening Community Together


"I feel truly honored to work for an organization with this mission and value of empowerment for the refugee community and have seen just all of the wonderful things that this community has brought to Waterloo." 
Mallory Petsche, Waterloo Program Coordinator, EMBARC

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Inclusion Empowers Everyone

North Star Community Services

"Each person, no matter whether they have a diagnosis of a disability or not, has purpose. They can contribute in a manner that fits for them. As a community, we should embrace each person’s strengths or talents and their skills." 
Valerie Schwager, Executive Director, North Star Community Services

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Innovation Increases Student Success

Waterloo Community Schools Foundation

"Career and Technical Education is a way to fulfill the needs that we have in our community, and it’s also a way to really make sure we’re giving students the tools they need to graduate and to be successful." 
Emily Hanson, Executive Director, Waterloo Schools Foundation

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Partnering for Child Care Solutions


"The Black Hawk County Child Care Coalition has been a dream come true. EPI has always tried to elevate the child care conversation, and once the coalition really formed, and once President & CEO, Kaye Englin, and the Community Foundation became involved, I feel like our partnerships just elevated it even more." 
Mary Janssen, Children and Family Services Director, EPI

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The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa covers a 20-county region, which includes 24 county and community specific affiliate foundations. We are honored to partner with our affiliate community foundations to carry out ‘here for good’ for the greater good! This collaboration creates a network of local giving opportunities across Iowa that create stronger, more vibrant communities. Click on the map below to explore our affiliate community foundations.

Our Region

Affiliate Impact by the Number

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Gifts to Affiliate Funds


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The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa is widely known as a funder for nonprofits and their projects. However, we are more than a funder, we are a leader in our communities. We are a catalyst for change through creative partnerships, convening people to address important issues, and we are a leader in making our region a vibrant place where all people can thrive. CFNEIA is a hub for philanthropists, nonprofits, and community leaders to come together to collaborate and explore ways to work together. In 2018, CFNEIA identified four key community initiatives and is taking a lead role in finding solutions and improving the quality of life in our region.

Child Care

Child Care Solutions

The need for child care in Black Hawk County is an issue impacting families, caregivers, and businesses. CFNEIA seeks to increase sustainable child care opportunities that focus on the child, give peace of mind to families, and help create a stronger economy. Lead Role: CFNEIA President & CEO, Kaye Englin, serves as co-chair of the Black Hawk County Child Care Coalition. Read More


Elevating the Arts

Art is an increasingly important part of our culture. It provides an outlet for expression, education, entertainment, and economic benefits. CFNEIA is a leader in the movement to raise awareness to what is happening in the current arts community in Black Hawk County and enriching and enhancing the arts for all residents. Lead Role: CFNEIA Program Director, Tom Wickersham, serves on the committee for the Cedar Valley Arts, a collaborative group established to bring awareness to the art community in the Cedar Valley. CFNEIA also awarded a $25,000 mission fulfillment grant to strengthen their work of making communities better places through the arts. Read More

Nonprofit Capacity Building

CFNEIA is already a leader in building the capacity of nonprofits. We do this through grantmaking and sharing our expertise with our nonprofit partners. The Community Foundation sees the need to do even more to build a strong community of nonprofits, which in turn leads to a stronger Black Hawk County. Nonprofits are critical to nearly every aspect of our communities and creating a better quality of life for their residents. Lead Role: CFNEIA is a lead partner and organizer in the Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association and provides trainings to nonprofits through its Board Fundamentals program.

Improving Workforce Readiness

Workforce availability has emerged as a priority for Cedar Valley businesses. The expectation is for an increase in jobs, but the workforce necessary to carry out the function of positions is not available. The Community Foundation is currently working with other community leaders to play an important role in creating a more qualified, prepared workforce for the future of Black Hawk County. Lead Role: CFNEIA has invested in bringing Urban Alliance, a Kalamazoo County, Michigan organization, to the Cedar Valley for community conversations. The organization has successfully established a program providing eligible unemployed and underemployed people with job and life skill training to secure and maintain new employment.

Want to see even more of our 2018 Impact Report? View the full print version.