2020 Scholarship Process Is Now Open

The Mother Moon Service Scholarship is awarded annually to one junior from each Black Hawk County high school who has given of themselves through community service. Students are selected in the spring of their junior year, and then during their senior year, they serve on a committee to promote and participate in community service. The $1,000 scholarship checks are sent to the students' college or university in the fall of their first year. All students who qualify for the Mother Moon Service Scholarship will automatically be selected as a Top Teen at the Mayor's Top Teen Awards Ceremony in April each year.

About Mother Moon
Mother Moon, as all who knew her called her, was born in 1880 and died in 1956. She lived most of her life in Macomb, Illinois, but her impact on the lives of others reached far beyond this little town. She raised 10 children of her own in addition to many others who felt that she had been like a mother to them. One man who grew up as one of her extra children said, "God used Mother Moon to put His arms around a lot of people." Many lives were shaped and enriched by her quiet heart. Hers was truly a successful life.

Service Above Self

Insights on the power of service from past Mother Moon Scholarship Recipient, Nick Rafferty.

Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for the Mother Moon Service Scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled as a junior at one of the accredited high schools in Black Hawk County.
  • Plan to attend an accredited university, college, vocational technical school or other post-secondary institution upon graduation from high school.
  • Be a good example and role model for others.
  • Demonstrate an attitude of sharing and caring by giving freely of their time and talent in service to others in their community.
  • Have contributed at least 100 hours of service to their community within a 12-month period.


Complete details about the 2020 scholarship process will be posted on January 10, 2020.

Important Notes

Because the Foundation's common application is geared mainly for seniors, students applying for the Mother Moon Scholarship will need to use their best judgment in answering certain questions. For example, you'll be asked what college you'll be attending in the fall, so you'll want to answer with your best guess as to what college you'll be going to in the fall after you graduate.

Once you complete the application and hit 'submit,' the online system will alert you that your application "Needs Attention." You'll find a link to click that will ask you some additional questions that are specific to the Mother Moon application.

Be prepared to submit an essay, a transcript, and other academic information. You will need to have two letters of recommendation – just complete the portion of the application that asks for the name and email of the persons who will be submitting letters of recommendation, and we will contact them directly.

For questions, please email Tom Wickersham, Program Director, or call 319-243-1356.