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1619 Freedom School Fund
Special Project

Your gift to the 1619 Freedom School Fund will help support the creation of the 1619 Freedom School program. This program's aim is to increase literacy among African-American youth in the Waterloo Community School District in Waterloo, Iowa.

About 1619 Freedom School

Mission Statement: Creating compassionate learning spaces where students and teachers learn to use language and literacy in critical and empowering ways.

Vision: Liberation Through Literacy

The 1619 Freedom School will be a five-days a week after school program dedicated to delivering intensive literacy instruction and a culturally responsive curriculum to help bridge the academic achievement gap amongst low-income Black and public school students in Waterloo, Iowa.

This groundbreaking effort will be lead by a steering committee with deep ties to the community:

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, 2020 Pulitzer Prize winner, creator of the New York Time Magazine’s 1619 Project and native of Waterloo

  • Sheritta Stokes, Waterloo Community School District, Third Grade Teacher and Literary Specialist

  • Joy Briscoe, Waterloo Community School District, Talent and Outreach Specialist

  • Lori Dale, UNI Center for Urban Education, Advisor

  • Sharina Sallis, CUNA Mutual Group, Community Relations Manager

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