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We believe all people should be equally seen, heard, valued, and respected. The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa is committed to fully embracing our core value of inclusion and taking action to end systemic racism and creating equitable communities. We are committed to listening and learning from people of color in our communities and expanding our collaboration with community partners working to end racial disparity, injustice, and inequality.

Finding solutions to pervasive issues that hinder equity for all will only happen through unified action and hearing from and listening to those who have not been heard as they give voice to the inequity in our communities. We must and will listen, learn, and act. Together we can create a more equitable Cedar Valley and Iowa.

Racial Equity Fund

We know we have more work to do as a local funder and community leader to address systemic racism. As we take greater action to become an ally in the fight to end racism in our region, we have established the CFNEIA Racial Equity Fund as a piece of our ongoing response.

The Racial Equity Fund was established with a $55,000 grant, approved by the CFNEIA board of directors, from the mission fulfillment fund. The Racial Equity Fund is a resource for projects moving our communities toward racial equity. Grants from the fund will support:

  • Nonprofits addressing racial justice issues and serving diverse groups of people
  • Programs engaging members of the community in advocacy and promoting racial equity
  • Education and training to help create more inclusive communities
  • Initiatives that explore solutions to ending racism

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