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A vital part of the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation’s mission is making charitable grants to non-profit agencies. The Foundation does not do programming. It supports agencies that do programming for public good.


Currently the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation is not accepting grant requests. It is anticipated the next grant cycle deadline will be around April 2016. The online application will be available 2-3 months prior to the deadline. Be sure to check back frequently so as not to miss the next deadline.

If you are interested in learning more about the grant process for the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation please review the Grant Application Guidelines used for the previous grant cycle. Be aware that changes may be made to these guidelines prior to the next grant cycle beginning.


If you have questions about this grant, how to use the online grant site, or other grant writing questions, please review our Grantseeker’s Resources.

Attention previous grant recipients. If your organization has received past funding from the Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation, all grant reporting must be up to date and in good standing or your current application will be considered ineligible for this grant cycle

In order to submit your grant report you will need to do so through the Online Grant Site. If you have any questions about what makes a good grant report, please refer to the Grant Seeker's Resources, Grant Report page.


Areas of Grant Making

Art and Culture

Supporting the creative arts- theater, music, painting, sculpture, dance, strengthening the programs of local museums and libraries.

Community Betterment

Including the administration of justice, development of employment and training, encouragement of citizen participation in community affairs, and enhancement of local community resources.


Improving the quality of education through support of both public and private institutions of learning.


Supporting conservation of natural resources, preventing and eliminating pollution, preserving water quality, protecting wildlife, and educating the public about environmental priorities.


Helping alleviate human suffering through support of institutions dedicated to healing and wholeness of life through improvement of health care, prevention of substance abuse, research into the causes and prevention of disease.

Historical Preservation

Assisting groups engaged in restoring structures and artifacts of historical importance to the area.

Human Service

Assisting with programming efforts that addresses issues important to youth, women, minorities, the elderly, the handicapped, and families in need.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

It is suggested that applicants contact Dotti Thompson, CFNEIA Program Manager, to explore the appropriateness of requests and for any further guidance about current funding priorities.